Mike Phelan O'Toole directing Andy Macbain & King Saul shoot @ BATV 7.8.10
New Bio Coming Soon.

Young creative professional with excellent written and verbal communication skills, eager to explore, and expand on a decade of varied experience in independant media and community television. Strong background in digital video editing, social media, and creative writing. Focus on film and comedy, production, writing (copywriting, press releases, creative), PR/branding and identity. Interest in media theory, teaching, general communications and speech/live performance with a background in improvisational theatre.

Co-founder/Producer of Boston’s Experimentally ILL Film Festival. Award-winning videographer/editor, actor/comic/host, writer/punk poet, spoken word artist.

Further updates are coming soon. This web page is in-progress, much like myself.

Specialties :
Videography, Digital Video Editing, Production Assistance, Written and Oral Communication, Improv, Pitch, Copywriting, Creative Writing. Observer of film industry on-set etiquette, having put in time as a paid non-union background artist on big budget, SAG productions multiple times.

Computer Skills :
Proficient in Final Cut Pro HD, Final Cut Express, SoundTrack Pro, iMovie, Microsoft Word, MPEG Stream Clip, DVD Studio Pro.
Very proficient in Mac OS environment, proficient in Windows OS.