Hold up
eyes are red
dry from tears bled.
Extreme like mixtures.
Coal chambers are beautiful;  should be
a standard household fixture.
Eyes may be attractive
right now, strictly a blur;
a scratched record of bad medicine’s stinging cure,
even though they look chill
when squinted-red makes vision obscured.
(It is) Frighteningly ill to be in her head…
Graffiti from Enigma’s depth and call.
Just like wasps stinging,
to fall to it for real,
as hell slept and scars healed.
Please don’t touch
just let them heal
and skin breath
only coming off when sun burn pulls it
to peel.
Fighting with medi-SIN,  to make insanity seal and suffocate
Alter-ego is connecting until separation
 is numb to the way it once felt.
Lucy’s eyes are like one, plus one jewel.
Coal chambers are so beautiful…
Like you.

Mike O’Toole