Local name
Blood pressure pushing through the seam.
Veins explode, following a scream in nightmarish dreams.
My eyes bleed.
A grown man;
holding more depth perception
then most hellions can understand, or care to believe!
As it pours, the rhetorical inquires
resort to nonsensical theories of their God-fearing needs.
I know every fact
holding in my mind
barb wire confines.
I knew it was something extremely special,
being given these gifts, then being subjected
to traumatic tides and dark rifts.
Being so blind, some insist non sexual grind,
accountability for hypocrisy.
They will receive the Punch of Justice, in due time.
The right and wrong shall be clearly known,
if the veins in my head have to explode
Until dead!
The wrong will ingest all the excrement they’ve said
 in the past.
SOUL has been born and bred to stand last, amidst the fallen and
stay whole among the broken!
In exchange of love, harsh words, too often, are spoken…
For that, all those will fall… Increase the dosage.

Mike O’Toole