(It’s) ripping at the torso
of lips
licked with alcohol
fighting with it, but
Vibes :
and sick.
“Nifty” is a new Neesa schtick
a study in contrasting dic-tion.
Words are never done
They live in my blood
and shoot out like overloaded gun.
Collapsing in eyes, until permanent residence
is justly won.
Never felt it like this before
and now like a nut, roaming the halls of the hospital,
stinging any crossed white walls I fling balls into;
Now, holding energy for reserved relapse!!
I pulled away barbed wire to help your Happiness…
At least, trying,
while writing this just happens to kill droves of stress!
Alter Ego has a compulsive disorder, with which
I’m slightly obsessed…
The flow of words, wrecked…
Maybe this  is one to forget?

Mike O’Toole

(transcribed strait from my notebook) :

“ha ha I win I got your pen to work!!!
hey mike it’s neesa ! great poem by the way.
you have a wonderful talent, keep it up and always believe
                               in yourself. you will go places !” – neesa  

June 4 , 2004