Rolling like rocks,
pillows shielding stress
comes in stock
half dressed from previous evening’s hardcore shock.
Overdosing on legal drugs that fuel the mojo
for underaged peoples.
They greet us, faster then the intentions that’re
With ample pains
and blush
Clique runs the gambit
while I’m tough to all teenage sh*t
tested enough to deal with it
embrace it to barable extent and KILL the excess
while verse helps to vent.
With a street’s length of friends
calling both our names;
call it Insubordinate, squared.
Dilated pupils in the ‘berbs
Blacks and whites, acting absurd
in spoken word
my broken grammar
and a curse.
X chromosomes are playful to
the beat of poetic pulsation.
The parking lot thrives at night.
Lives fight for flight in the midst of the party.
The beat;  so loud, to the INNOCENCE passing by the block.
A dope assembly line of dope, provided by dope dealers
from High School
a pool of Underdogs, Fighters, and Heads;
the one’s who aren’t Trust Fund Kids; basking in given riches;
corrupt like b*tches.
We’re all bonded friends,
clawing to sew up our life’s rips and cuts, with stitches
to tie up loose ends.
Inviting propositioned head, to ease the pain of any emotion in brain
this feeling of good, remedies any feeling of cain.
on vacation from depth
for now.
Trying to make two ends connect.
During the day, other worlds show off their clouds;
full and beautiful.
Youth attracted to destructive behavior.
Attracted to the beautiful…
Just need to lay with her…
To ease the inflammation of tired Insubordi-Nation and
beaten up artistic flavor.
Sins stay in parking lot
Then We walk…
Rolling like rocks,
allies shielding stress.
United, though certain philosophies are as stand-alone
as style of dress.
Cutting loose from curses,
for we are, in truth, lost
yet so blessed to have all this; insane party bullsh*t…
Indicative of the potential to risk it
for a single Poisonous Kiss with the Devil of the body
and Hell-spawn of mentality…
F*ck it… On vacation from depth in thinking… Remember?
This is our shady nightlife…
It’s not as is REALITY!

Mike O’Toole