[Open Microphone ]
open, all alone…
Focus on words
block out stress.
Simplicity with a message is worth more
then impromptu metaphor.
The Pen’s Ink is flowing from the Body’s Veins
paper, easing pain.
Tired stereotypes and clichés hurt my faith in Art like this…
Watching Open Mic. sessions tenses nerves,
for, if you go up,
you represent the passion of a Poet’s tears & sweat dripping
from every pore, thru out all of their years.
Take a risk and put pen to Sign-up List.
Say anything you feel, except this.
With a paralyzing beat, comes a spine-tingling chill,
providing an evenly timed framework,
regardless if you choose a style that’s rhymed
or a stanza-driven poem, autographed with tradition’s name.
Famous poets?
barely know them!
But emotion…
I always know it!
I own it
and owe it, to Creation’s loins!
Even when this seems like a game, with a questionable point.
Hip pops in surgically repaired joint
This becomes Train-of-Thought…
Prose of a Weathered Man.
Anger threshold, gnawed at until soft

Patience nearly lost.
SO sick of being judged by elders
for Youth,
when my articulated expression can only IMPROVE…
age fuels and hits peak
then, losing the power of COMMODITY, due to loss of
mental prowess;
no longer unique.
Ignore outside NONSENSE
then future confidence will no longer look bleak
sit back
watch the JADED, NEGATIVE people crash in defeat
due to closed minds, blind faith, and senile sickness.
Would you hear this, if there was more like it?
Steel spikes in hair and neck
limping from displasia,
resulting in loose gate.
cannot stop the CREATIVE ENERGY!
Adrenaline possessing beautiful body
bodies of artistry
a body of work
a worked body
a work in progress!
Need to take  THE CHANCE
 the Point of No Return is blurred.
If anything, Open Microphone is the inanimate object to own
craving animation
Lazurus  Complex
Words are oxygen, enstilling life
just as LIVES in your EYE!
Focus the FUEL… Emotion is the UNDYING tool to utilize.
Cries of FIRED ADRENALINE overpower in your CONFIDENCE; clear!
A fighter of broken elements. ‘Earned time to pause on MODESTY.
“The Champ is here…The Champ is here…The CHAMP is  HERE!!!”

Mike O’Toole