Brittle bones
and I’ll break them if I’m forced
to be alone
My sanity divorced.
Blood stains
A fire fly, cursed.
And I’ll cry out when you die
I am in pain the worst.
Stronger then death, my blood vessals burst
from the emotions you put into motions
to make me regret
all these twisted notions
will take a lot.

Red in raw agression,
mutated from depression.
Recoiled impressions make me race
And this is bullshit
look at this pretty face
and how an angel fucking fell from grace
Bitter taste is left for you.
Choke on it while lips stay rich
moist while they are split open.
Relish in the spit.
…This man’s way of coping!

And a lot of people
don’t see
the insight
coarsing through my entire body!
Veins tested and tight.
The explosion shoots off the ladder
I had to climb to get away from you.
But I don’t play Shoots and Ladders.
I don’t play any games.
Rather cut this off at the roots and watch the aftermath
the splatter from your brain.
Violent behavior is not in my nature
but it is still in range.
This Metaphoric shit is ripped out and stripped of toxicity.
Proof that you took and toar a part of me!
The gore is far more then bloody.
Kept inside; this expression wants to be freed.
And I agreed, as I watched it all bleed off of us.
Future regression illustrated that it was not enough to lock this up.
You: A feminine razor, deep in my cut…
I don’t push you around like a slut.

Since birth, things have gone wrong…
So I’ll just go ahead and scream if you don’t like
the tone of this song!
And rotten responses rest when you
just don’t give a fuck,
so short on luck,
drained of value,
all of it sucks at the neck,
until it finally fouls you up,
cause she is rolling with another heartless punk to stab this heart.
Convinced that that’s the pure reason;
chains are snapped off during the frustrated grieving.

Stop with your fables
I just do not have the patience to wait through all this!
It turns to hate, which wastes my kiss.
Pissed and another curse helps
and another lighter would be nice,
to spark the fire
burn this down.
More then twice, I’ve played the clown,
made you laugh.
Held you when you felt trapped,
soothed you when you were geared to snap and pop off,
glued you back in pieces,
and sewed the fine cloth in you together with dedicated thread.
And you crushed on me before you crushed me.
Once upon a time, you were like an obbsessed fan of mine
and stuck in head
couldnt rewind.
Def, dumb or blind,
something is gone inside.

Blonde and blue with too much pride
to hit you,
ignoring the sucka punch.
Haaaaa true are the encapsulating, burning furies that are revving
within all that this blood-shot eye can feel.
No matter what, why, where, or how,
this is real.
My time is now!

Not to cut you down…But your stuck in the water and will probably drown.
You get so high, that you have to come down.
Razor blades, whips and chains…
Satisfaction teters daily
and I don’t give a damn.
So tired of being admired
I just might set it off
on fire.

Mike O’Toole