Anger truly is the breaking point
of all the fire in emotion.
Lost as to how to structure this
Just wish I could create indentations
with my fist right now.

Chains broken as fast as they were linked
and as egos grew larger, friendship began to shrink.
All that brotherhood shit you talked was no good
Just assumed that you would’ve understood
that there is always more in the depths
then whats seen on the surface.
I was wrong in my guess.

Those that think they’re
maybe taller,
should know that a bastard wont faulter
in this intensity.
I wont let this sequential degeneration be the end of me.
“Victoms, arnt we all.”

And you’ve heard that saying… la la la,
the harder they fall.
Pray for the lose of your oxygen
for this is Soul Enigma’s new rep and call.
“Always prevail.”

If you dont like this
here and now
own up to your own feelings
before I leave you reeling in your own spit
after I bust up your lip, know that I explained
what was and wasnt “Insubordinate.”
And you called it your own for shits
and giggles.
The laughs are paused.

Just in case anyone is confused as to my intentions…
Here they are;
To supercede all the hypocrisy I too often see,
to disallow fear tactics, for it’s only a four letter word,
to live past these physical confines, for, when you die,
your body is gone. You soul is ejected thru your eyes…
This is why I ocassionally laugh at all the muscle bound punks…
Because, no matter how much you lift,
after death, it will never be enough to fight for your self-worth.
Not that there’s anything wrong with havin’ your cloths rip from muscle…
I just assume get ‘roids ripped to be more powerful in the hussle of the struggle.
It’s just that, we have to remeber…”What is strength without a double shot of wisdom?”
And answer is, it’s shit.
That’s why I make sure to bleed from this pen, in writin’.
Bein’ ripped and suddenly losing your muscle?
Or bein’ mentally strong and suddenly goin’ shrimp? To me, that’s more frightinin’.
Deal with it.

Can’t keep everything I give.
I’m on a helluva trip
since the start
everyone gets sick.
Girls get loose
And everyone pukes.

Read the words spit
in anger
laugh for a bit
at this gibberish.
Then…set your sites
and never ever submit
to the pain
stress caked to the brain.

And as they look for a way to break you
and turn you insane,
keeo going
cause you don’t play their games.
That’s not the way.
The Charismatic Enigma is the new name
and I don’t care if it is taken…
It’s a fresh philosophy that says
we’re gonna make it no matter how many
have to be foresaken.
If their a true obstacle, I break ’em.

Don’t have a lot of hatred,
but lately I’ve read people
and been mistaken.
Wrong in how I saw ’em…
They were fakin’.
An impulsive thinker,
yet time to think it over.
Driven by cloaked pressure and
a four leaf clover,
to get where I’m goin’.

Self-reflections reflect true sin…
Not perfect and have never been,
but with all the smoke you’re blowin’,
no one better fool

Mike O’Toole