I gave all of this
just like the people wished.
Anyone who wanted a kiss
locked lip for the best.
The high school stage
I just couldn’t find my self
so you know I took a break.
It was all out of my way
so you could at least remember my name.
You already know I’d do the same.
Twisted games;
the people pay to play the wrong way.

I can’t pass up this opportunity
of being all I was supposed to be all along.
Extreme and the like.
They label it rock and roll.
And as sure as I create,
I call it “Mike O’Toole.”
It just might be preemptive rhyme scheme,
but I came up with that on the fly.
Afterall I am
crazy enough to come up
with “Pierced Eye.”
I gave the vibe of all of you.
The high school stage has been taken down.
And they say shit is the new Boston sound?

I feel no lost desire.
Only a gained sense of what is anew fire.
Because when I show you my earned glory,
ONLY THEN do the people cease to call me a liar.
I see that it is that way.
And I feel fine, although I shouldn’t, in the grand scheme.
But I am determined to take down nightmare and make sound dream.
I already knew all along that I was worth it all along.
Presentable awards, girls and press
seem impressed, finally.
And the people come and lobby for me,
when I’ve been here long before this.
Who today, stuck it thru when I was paying hella dues?!
Nobody’s gonna stand in my way.
You can think that this is just a little game
shut up and bring you’re “A”
to test who plays.

No matter how much love I give, I’m the one
who will always pay.
And I’m fine with that, although I shouldn’t be, in the grand scheme.
I gave all of this to kill your nightmares and make it into dreams.
I’ve made it half-way
and already, I feel a wave of energy and strain.

I gave all of this.
I hope you find out how much I tried.
That’s why I’m in your brain.
Don’t make me feel like a hypocrite because I can’t lie.
Come be at peace and die on this ride.
You already know I’d do the same.
Cause it was out of my way all along to grant anyone’s wish.
I gave all of this (all along).

Mike O’Toole