Nerves of steel.
But denile can’t last forever.
Evolution is all too real.
And they’re bending from the tension against them.
The fact is, when you try and be
a nice guy, everyone takes advantage of you.
Best friends have taken a knife to my back…
Cause I open up opportunity unknown,
they execute a sneak-attack and call it their own.
Because they never have the guts to stay fair and still tough,
and not turn cold in the midst of attemping to break the mold.

From little things that simply annoy,
to things that make me start faulering.
Next, they test it so much, it’s life altering.
At this point, time to pop out the femor
the hip joint
pull out the screws and see if you’re a screamer, to make a point.
Stab you with them.
Maybe I’m just too much of a dreamer to think hurting others
doesnt have to be a stress reliever…
But when blood brothers turn heel and screw you,
because they wanna be like you, it’s enough
to peel off your cool.

So continue to rip off my words, style, relationships and passion.
And hopefully you’ll understand why your head is getting bashed in,
that is, of course after they scrap off your brain, and put it back in!
Weather you wanna add this or that bitch to your list or not…
regardless, if you run a smear campaign on me cause you know she thinks I’m hot,
I will come back for you.
And it will either be to save you from the devil within, and extract mindful sin,
or to avenge injustice and break your hip.
Then you can be like me even more. I’ll help you pick out some pins to go in.
And you don’t need any anastsia, cause I don’t feel that pain.
Just that hardcore.
Bite the bullet against the streams of blood and gore.
It’s routine now. Just take a shot of gin and rum.
Try to keep screams down to a minimium.

Why the hell did you start all this?
What for?
You wanna mess up things for me some more?
It’s been done.
People have tried.
I’m a survivor of a system that assumes that all you kids like suicide.
Never thought of it.
Never will.
I love life too much
to make Mike kill.
But that doesnt mean that Soul Enigma wouldn’t do it, for right,
when I’m on my pill.

“Dealing with backstabbers
there was one thing I learned.
They’re only powerful when you got your back turned.”

Mike O’Toole