Youthful ignorance is no excuse
for I’m better then to lie through that.
Fell into it as your hips were strapped against me.
And honestly, my life’s pretending feel into it as tension
was set to leak
while pouring another drink.
We enjoyed it a little too much at the time
the time not being the right.
Brain teasing heart that night.
But you did call first in the morning,
saving me a little less self-scorn;
drunk and singing;
torn amidst sober decisions still stinging!

Cannot see thru her eyes,
for where she came from I’m blind to.
Jump to find the clue as to what it’s about!
She wanted to makeout
so I gave you that-
but not all I could, without fail.
But I don’t feel like going to jail,
so I left balls a little blue
for I knew better then to take advantage, weither sour or sober.
You liked it cause I was older. But I’m also honorable and true
so I didn’t do all that you wanted me to.
“I’m drug free, alchohol free, and better then you.”