The signature rests on your lips;
a Fallen Angel and Reckless Youth.
Carry on against all that binds you.
They made it seem so hard all along.
The secret is out.
I found the combination.
Now break the lock and rush the gates.
Sugar, don’t look back from the now.
Breaking from convention
no matter how wrong,
we’ve made the right sound.
Follow it
to keep pace with this song.
A varied tempo resounds!
Tell me, what’s more to let go
than all that surrounds?

Etched in this skin;
the standard of punk purity and
straight edge sin.
You remain smart while insane…
Like me.
You’re beautiful, yet drained…
Like me.
You see the means to end
but confidently neglect to start…
Like me.
With ink, I’ll dissect your heart.
Another line to bend…
Sleeping in the car again.
Pain from the weight…
Burns as it rips.
Maimed over the taste of crimson lips.

Delivering a jawbreaker or two,
killing the motherfuckers in front of you…
Or whatever it takes
stop oxygen being traded in for the color blue
(on your face).
Done my homework this time
and finally cleaned the table.
But am I ready, willing, and stable?
Stuff his face with cake and beat him too?
I’ll wait ’till he first can swallow it all
then chew on the reality of the phrase
“I’m better than you.”
Afterall, they only condem me because
they don’t know who I am.
And once they do know, all they seem to
learn about themselves is
“I’m fifteen and life’s a scam.”
And somehow, blood is romantic
when it flows like the Hover Dam?

Bring me back down from this
angst-ridden rant towards the angst-prone.
This is a war zone, but
just soft enough, you own no violent bone
in your body.
Lost in a tough exterior,
artisticlly-minded thought is sobering
Scribbled words make sense
amounting to zero.
But deep down in there, they possese
the power of a superhero.
It’s just a matter of time
before you begin to fear
your own doubt.

Ink in warm veins…
Lips locked…
I can’t exist as a concept or ideal.
All I am is what’s real.
And we may be selective in the method
we choose to deal with passion,
but if we can touch the stars
we too can feel the defining actions
that bring us to our knees with good reason,
and leave love in traction from
the past’s fatal desease.
This version of unity is the remedy
to all our unmet needs.
Set it off and you only need believe
these words you read.
They’re all I have.
Am I more than you bargained for yet?

Mike O’Toole