Frustration from ignorance
like a cancer,
aggresion spreads until I find an answer.
kids are dead in brains expression.
Fists full of force
nerves hurt
complications in verbal artillery
it only gets worse.
Like bullets loaded to disperse,
brain damage is intricate in process to reverse.

Such tremors trigger middle finger
to shock and resussitate you thru the ringer.
Electrocution to cease growth of desease.
Education did not work
so we flooded your generation
with FDA experimental medication.
Degradation impulses conciousness to embrace an ulser,
because I could not help her
she never found the shelter…
Her head melted.
My eyes exploded,
like a colt .45 loaded
Her grazed lips locked onto cock, so tight
her air passages got blocked,
body launched into epeleptic shock;
an experation date, coupled with dinner and a movie,
just to properly execute on final farewell.

These gloomy lunatics will shoot
for heaven or hell,
weither theyre going to fall, or if they drive to crawl,
back up to the top.
They reveal wrists to blade and chop off,
amidst this kiss…
My lip ring is caught in her tissue.
The piercing pain from inheriting another strangers issue
is nothing new.
Integrity inside of me grows true,
just as sure as, precut, your blood flows
a beatiful shade of blue.
While everyone else sticks around to get laid,
all the lifers long for is to help your satisfactory smile
find means for revival and reinvigoration.
For me, it hurts worse with abscence of reciprecation.

Having a sickness without a name,
sewing up stiches for ungreatful bitches with a quickness
is how I kick game.
(I am) Impulsively assisting until driven insane…
Nice when we first meet, but in middle stride I brave
for your deceit or propensity to leave
out crucial details, as you balance
accross the first and second rails.
(It is) difficult to maintain a neutral perspective,
as your free fall to that third rail appears elective…
And, hey, now youre electric! 30,000 volts coarse thru,
engraved within the restrictions of your own veins!

A ton of teens seem to lack a common sense of immortality.
Death means a reality?
Can you feel the pulse (of fatality)?
What happens when youre drunk, young and dumb?
Tenderly, I remain sober, a bit older, and strong.
Is ignorance raw bliss?
The answer is blurry compared to the magnanamous nature of our wish.
Fuck a needle, heres a sword. Body pierce with THIS!

Mike O’Toole