Get by on their looks…
Wanna get outta town
jump around, not too lost in thought.
Gotta go arrest the poison yall ingest,
like a hot headed cop.
Not for nothing but to maintain function of brain
when yall cannot.
Still able to get play
and get em sayin yes to undress, and stay.
Now, there is nothing like our youth
dont mind a good time,
its the truth.

Sick from the smoke, linked in chain.
Cant breath till way past 3:00 A.M.
They failed that kinda test
Couldnt cram.
Having sexed up, clear brain is best.
There is some bad taste, but I feel better.
Take a look at fresh face up in the place.
A pretty pace
with rockets in pockets, blastin off.
Serving up extra pain, to state claim to my sane will.
X.T.C. were the slang initials and they already ate those pills.
Serving up a positve type of negative,
they glance in my direction
probably caught my reflection.
All so young
so of course they keep it explicit
in how its rated.
Its raining
the girls are peeling off,
naked in the parking lot.
Nancy tipped them off on how hot
it was thought to be.
One finally blurted what was so pretty to see…
Flattering, but just the same,
its all lost on me…
Wanted her out of body, on me.

Come to conclusion that intention endorses illusion,
as the hems come loose.
Decisions are bleached,
reaping concrete benefits from gems of
memorable shit!
Connected to sex and appeal,
casting off and hooked up to the poles reel.
Inuendo like theres no tomorrow.
Hardly a castoff, so commence blast off.
All is right while the world bleeds loss.
One hour with nine curves to rock!
Could make a rhyme too dirty here, so…
On second thought, its best I not.
Screams of values to shock.
A bunch of babies, and you
cant spell STUD without STD, so
check for rabies, appropriatly.
Got you to laugh as hard as you get off?
out of the mud?
Youre outta the gutter, because boys are
done with gettin loved like Big Brother (is watching you)

Our afternoon fiasco is plugged in and amped up.
Yeah, oversexualized, but(t)
if managed properly, can make you hot property.
Some kinda skank when tanked, awkwardly?
Something inked and masked in sunscreen, like
a physco ex or a former physco?
And what to do with the always problematic
prodigal son, Michael?
What do I have to say?
The benefit of goin down on friends?
Get outta town!
Walk another line to bend.
Get in the waiting line to find
my intangible qualities!
Broken verse, scratched back and forth
like a killswitch.
Curse for kicks, punches and verbal tricks
spit slick.
Its that ripped time of the month.
The rhyme flows like blood
cant…wont stop.
The end?
Are we nearing it?
Velocity of puncation.
Here is my period.

Mike OToole