I said
Can we bring some anger to the table?!
In the name of all things
brain dead and unstable!
So Ill scream as loud as Im able!
Isolated in a certain uncertain scene…
Now the only concern remains to cause you pain
until you bleed, envitably
take the suffering!
Yearn for mine (its optional)
but I can tell that youre, in fact, bluffing.
Cause the hurt wont leave you…
It spurts out,
bones poke thru
skin seethru.
Lookin cool too,
for you so surely deserved it, in sequence.
Yourself; shortsighted enough to not believe this.
(To you) the chances were only smaller than your penis
all you know how to beat!
Dont test this wit or body.
I get more ass than a toilet seat.
Intangible qualities; of those noone can rob me.
I remain an aggresive commodity.
Of the motivation? Well, what else can I say…
Idiots bother me.

Their playing mental fornication as a hobby
inside you
a violation to verbally seep into
the fuck (is the matter?)
(Why) so intent to invent penetration of defeated grey matter?
And for this… And for this you get the best of me coming out swingin
to shatter regret
and battle worlds of contempt
and my ego gets pet
(as) it gets your girl wet,
while you browse reaction.
Super size me up, as the enemey.
Better than you, so taste and see.
The velocity of this artistry pops off!
Artistry thats harder than youll ever be,
screaming inside of me.
You plead the insanity…
Take a swing to comprehend what cant be seen
by the obscene degree of blood youll bleed, internally!
By all means, please our eyes,
so pretty.
(It will) Take you an eternity to fail to kill the willfulness
of youths agility!
I guess selfinadequacies that you cant admit, break you.
Basically, youre a piece of shit,
so please our eyes enough to forsake you, please.

Mike OToole