A collected writing of mine: originally composed on 3/13/2007.

The only thing I can think to do now is kick back and reflect – tap, tap and tap on the keys for the world to read, while I realize that far and away from home things are cool, calm and prolific for yours truly. I’ve figured out that any bouts with stress don’t even really correlate with the degree of workload on my back. ‘Tis simply a matter of surroundings, and thus the subsequent head-space I’m locked in. I have been hanging in the computer lab at the college for the past several days as apposed to being trucked back home after my classes. Here it’s all good – my time is my own. Right now I can only muster up the energy to drop a blog update, but generally I produce homework like a mad man when I’m alone in here, in my little cubicle-like space. The challenge is dragging myself together and gettin’ here. After I’m here I really could care less about how I’m going to leave. All this week I’m catching up and reigning in my shit with a fury with midterm coming up. Next week is the holy grail known as Spring Break – sadly my best plans at the moment include catching up with work and getting bookings to do some good ol’ editing and punk rock-esque videography on the streets.

I just got word that Tony is leaving NewTV, which is a bit of a shocker, but it is about time. That is to say, the guy deserves better, and to be in high places. Is he gonna make it there? That’s up to him. I think he can get it together 🙂
I love that place, man; for many reasons, but no one knows that working there is what kept me grounded, so to speak, when I was a teenager. Meaning, if not for my connections there, there was no other reason not to have me moved to some other end of the Earth. It was Mike Padden that saved the day right there. In retrospect, was staying in town a good thing? I don’t know. I guess I tend to play the ball where it lays. Sometimes that’s a bad thing though. Because, you know, sometimes the ball gets stolen from you and chucked over the fence, into the asshole neighbors’ yard and destroyed by their doberman pincher. You’ll find me on the road less traveled.

I’m incomplete right now – daily grind is not easy. You’re not born knowing how to operate and pull yourself together. You just learn gradually, through putting on your pants one leg at a time, sometimes two legs at a time. I operate on my own, but as soon as I find that right person to toss witty banter toward again, all will be right, and we will eat many a homemade waffle cone, prior to four hours of conversation that escape in a blink; you lost in my words, while I’m lost in your eyes.