steal your soul on video
Study life’s sciences
Mess with your religion
Turn the knife in the incision
The gaping holes in your belief’s indecision.

For all the times you speak of “truth” you gut and mame and hurt me.
For truth be told, and logic ready, there is no such thing other than uncertainty
rocking steady
and taking it all in stride and with grace.
I stand straight in the now with my pride, and you bow with your faith for ever-after.
Happiness is not in the hall with the staying and the praying
But in the self understanding that we live in not the building but the caving.

break hearts through the arts
with ink, oil, mixed-media and paints
where no scripture prophetizes the path I take
and hits me when I break
So, it’s true that I’m a human, so I’m an amalgam of junk ideals
Go bang the doldrums,
label me a punk and tie me in how it is to feel
I don’t recall this harsh of heaven, so don’t instruct me where to go…
For I’ve no hate for deviation from the written definitive and depression
of your sinner and your saint.
“God knows” as an expression,
I just finish where I faint.

Copyright 2007 all rights reserved.