They say I’m nuts

negative in reflecting
on what I’m expecting
when I’m dealing with lemmings
stuck in ruts,
failed at emotionally connecting and getting off their own butts

When all along, I’m trying to stay positive
and all they do is make it tough.
Find the diamond instead of dwelling on the rough.
In no such position for pain anymore
Meds in remission from my brain
Open the communication channel, or close the panel
close your mind.

Cut your lines
Punch your holes
Pick your poisons
Pick your nose
Inject through veins
The new marrow of your bones

What makes you who you are
Gives the blues and the scars
When you come loose and fly through the car

Everything goes by like the lightening/
it can kill us quick/
in a flash.
It sure can.
This sure is shocking just the same,
but it aint that kind of flash in the pan.

All that I am says to simplify this into “poppiness.”
There’s no right way to talk to you
when its all about “Be yourself, but watch what you do.”
Our whole relationship is based on showmanship.
It once meant revelations to clear the air (in your head)
by way of conversation.
It was a real mind-fuck.
I’d rather opt-in on “mental masturbation” than test our luck.

And they say I’M nuts…

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