It’s been a weird week, and I’m wiped, but if I don’t post this, I won’t be able to sleep – here is my attempt at simply recounting things – nothing too breathtakingly detailed; just a “what I did yesterday” log, so that my day-to-day is not lost forever in the matrix of my mind, and maybe you, brave reader will enjoy it to some degree.

The week begins on Sunday 9/2/2007 –

I Wake up around 4:00PM, get a call from my bud and video production partner Lawrence, wanting to hang out. I get in a brief workout, shower, then head out with him, looking for eats. With most places closed due to it being the Sunday before Labor day, it’s a challenge finding a decent place to feed. We stop at a Dunkin, with Larry picking up his trademark black coffee (you know, because he is monk-like and no frills…. And black.) Ready to splurge, I go for some famous Waltham pizza but am let down when I see that the door of the joint is locked. On that note, I grab McDonald’s, making a sad sad token attempt at “healthy” by ordering the grilled chicken sandwich, with lettuce, tomato with no mayo, and a DIET coke of course.

We head back to his place, gorging ourselves on his work-supplied free cable’s on-demand service. I crack open my back pack to share “Clerks II” with him. He pops in the DVD and is blown away. Larry crashes soon after. I watch some more shit, until I submit to heavy eyelids, sleeping in my clothes – dreaming of Kevin Smith’s return to Larry’s TV station, man. Good shit.

Monday 9/3 –

Wake up around 10:00 or 11:00AM at Lawrence’s apartment to cliché video game sound effects and a sore back from sleeping fucked-up on the floor. Assuming the FX are radiating from Larry attacking his Nintendo DS, I’m none too impressed by the stimuli, going back to sleep without a word until 2:30PM, wherein Lawrence suggests we hit the beach (THE beach? Yes, that one. Heck, I don’t even know where exactly it was – some derivative of The Charles River I presume).

Summer is almost at a close, as short as it is here in New England – I’m game for a trip, so I grab my wallet and watch, take a leak, and we pile into his car, which vaguely reeks of something that once permeated out of an edible – maybe Indian cuisine – as per-usual.

We wheel it to Kelly’s Roast Beef, encountering the mundane nature of the food service industry to a tee, man. The experience is only redeemed by my spying this cute, short chick at the counter that I’m all about. Upon placing and waiting for our order, we grab the classic roast beef grub and head out, navigating through a small crowd of rotund white yuppies during the epic journey toward the exit.

Once outside, we marvel at the lack of benches at the eatery – with no other option, we plunk down on the curb and shoot the shit for a half hour or so regarding future media projects, talking’ shop, as well as laugh our asses off pulling quotes from the greatest motion picture of all time, WINDY CITY HEAT. It’s a beautiful day – with the sun beating down and the afternoon ticking away, we’re back in the car.

We get to the water’s side – jumping out and hitting a convenience store for caffeine and the like. We walk a length, eventually climbing up a hilly area, settling on a bench atop what over looks the water and a series of cliffs. It’s serene – Lawrence walks down and checks out the cliffs further down. I relieve myself from the Coke I purchased from the mom and pop store from a ways back .

We plant ourselves back on the bench, chilling there until around 8:00PM, lost in the picturesque backdrop, jawing about different family dysfunction, as well as future projects and marketing strategy stuff. We talk about Quincy, and how badly he wants to become a star, and how we’ll manage to deliver that fame to him – he deserves it.

After it gets dark, I figure we should start heading back, dodging bats and rats on the way. Back in the car, we hit Whole Foods, and back in my town, 7/11, where I pick up some soda and a chicken salad sandwich. I realize that I ingest Coca-cola to put a diabetic to shame. Yes, that’s right, I’m addicted to Coke.

We part, with Law wishing me good luck regarding my next college semester, starting that tomorrow. I head inside the home base, saying hello to grandmother, and do some internet work, checking e-mail and approving folks for the Straight Edge Facebook group. I also check our promo stuff, seeing a couple of new youtube subscribers to my page, and managing Quincy’s myspace.

I throw clothes in the wash, getting in a workout, cranking the stereo, before hitting the bathroom, reading’ some comics while it’s “going on.” When my laundry load is done, I throw it in the dryer. I down a blender’s worth of my protein shake, regretting it minutes later. I “snap one off” and hit the hay around 1:00AM or so.

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What do you kids think of this format? I even used spell check, fools.

— Mike Phelan O’Toole