Hey all – a quick update:
Hit this link, or I’ll go Walken on you!

I do a LIVE web stream show where you can call in and chat about whatever –
Fridays on http://NowLive.com/MikeOToole @ 9PM EST/6PM PST
It’s a friggin’ blast so far!

Wanna talk on the show? CALL in at
(203) 413-5275
or one of the following numbers:
(201) 661-7217
(201) 881-7570
(203) 413-5275

Then Press 2 on your phone
and enter the show ID number:

Once you’re on the line, you will be able hear the show, and we see that you’ve called, but we are not able to hear you. You will pop up in Mike’s “Callers” section on his monitor during the show – please hang on and listen until Mike puts you through and says “You’re on the air,” at which point you’re a part of the show, and can deliver your contribution to the audio orgy.

Go to http://mikeoradio.blogspot.com for more!
My PODCAST will still continue as a seperate thing at http://mikeocast.blogspot.com and http://myspace.com/mikeotoole

Later! Talk to you on the air!