The scars were never romantic
and now far removed
I’ve got a smile on my face
now that we’re done.
Still got the fangs, but found my place in the sun
The bang from the gun
like the sound of me
waiting for my rocket to come.

The wrongs are now just
So let’s jump, ‘lest we fall for the fall
and get stuck in the slump
with the rest we once called best.
Now chumps filling an empty weathered nest
time-teathered and untested,
these beer-educated are near dedicated to death.
Making up for lost time, I dig into the next breath.
I found my place in the sun, and the “farewell tour” is far from done.
In this century, I do ask that you remember me, as friend, lover or
than an ordinary other.
No doubt you’ll know those close enough to see them breath,
yet so joined, you can’t tell which one is seperate; unique.

Sprawled out on the sidewalk,
you’re taller and eye cocked.
You could faulter and die, shocked.
So soak it up and come clean
Honesty will thank you and so will your spleen.
I came with a nightmare and left with a dream
cloths running ragged, now hemmed to the seam.

Rhyme time to get me through missing all of you.
I don’t know what I did or can do
to bring it back to that idealized time
where we could just chill and spill
with no in-the-round reveals.
Maybe I’m mistaken,
but it feels like I have to earn back relationships taken.
Overnight, bells stopped ringing
angels quit singing.
I kept dreaming
and now beaming, doing all the things I said I’d do.
But dead in my tracks, know that, no matter the acts, it isn’t the same without a friend, gone to something new.
Find something reliable and true, if that’s what you’re up to.

I’ll still be ’round, jumping, though never far from the ground
for what it’s worth
still down-to-earth and down for mirth
down to flirt with breaking monotony’s curse.
Up for a rebirth.

Under-the-radar, and maybe stuck in a slum.
Don’t know where my friends have gone,
but I know when to stop wishing and be done.
Found my place in the sun
On my own
going to get what I want to come.

Copyright 2008 MIKE PHELAN O’TOOLE
All Right Reserved.