Hey, all.
Here is a quick update. You’re welcome to check out http://thesoulenigma.livejournal.com and http://MySpace.com/MikeOToole for anything else. I will also be doing a more extensive audio update via the infamous http://MikeOCast.blogspot.com in a bit. Tonight though, it is all about NowLive – Mike-O Radio! Visit http://MikeORadio.blogspot.com and http://NowLive.com/MikeOToole to listen, chat, and call in live Fridays at 9:00PM Est/ 6:00PM Pst.

On the TV side of things, as you know I have been doing a lot with my buddy Lawrence, and his local show “Random Acts.” We are shooting more stuff for it, as well as sending off audition tapes for various things.Random Acts: Mike O’Toole Forever will be telecast on NewTV for the rest of this month and all of April starting this Saturday at 10:30pm. It started airing in Cambridge this past Tuesday and will be showing again this Thursday. This episode of Random will be telecast on CCTV for the next two months as well in order to give folks a chance to catch it.
Here are the official time listings :
TiVO Mike-O:

“Random Acts” Showtimes:

Cambridge, MA: CCTV (channel 10)
Tuesdays at 8:00PM
Thursdays at 11:00PM

Boston / Brookline, MA: Comcast (channel 12)
Weekends at 1:30AM
Thursdays at 1:00AM

Newton, MA: NewTV (Blue channel)
Saturdays at 10:30PM

If you don’t do not live in MA, check back for more videos on http://youtube.com/captureman and http://youtube.com/mikeotoole , as well as streaming stuff and live broadcasts at http://justin.tv/mikeotoole
Write me at mikeovideo@gmail.com for show requests or anything else.
There is more to cover, but I don’t want to cram it all in here. The main thing is for you to check out the TV show and participate in the internet radio fiasco!