Hey all. My apologies for not writing, or keeping you updated for awhile… Something big was on the horizon and I had to focus on it, but alas it was swallowed up by the monster that is show biz. Maybe I’ll get to writing of it later on, but until then, we continue in our multi-media assault and quest for legitimacy among the giants. Even though, in attempting to cement my spot I have to lay it all on the line myself and that ground work is what truly matters, I am fortunate to have a great team of talented friends behind me to collaborate with when I can focus on independant things. A lot is in the works, and the gears are always turning… Contending in the bigger picture is the challenge, yet I am up for it, because the alternative is never trying, and that is the true loss. Anyway, here are some red letter days on our end.

On Wednesday, May 28th, my friend entertainer Quincy Brisco makes his triumphant return, and third appearance, on The Toucher and Rich Show on WBCN 104.1 FM Boston. He will have his own segment at 4:30PM EST, which myself and uber-producer Lawrence Hollie are helping him organize. If you are not in the Massachusetts area, visit http://www.WBCN.com and listen to the live stream. Big thanks go to Quincy’s family, WBCN management and the Toucher and Rich staff for the opportunity.

Attempting to live the dream.

Here is an early write-up for our NEW live event (stay tuned to MikeOCast.blogspot.com for updates on this and more)

“EXPERIMENTALLY ILL” : An Indie Showcase of Alternative Film For The Ages

A little piece of insanity comes to the historic Coolidge Corner Theatre at 209 Harvard Street in Brookline, MA, as VH1 hopeful and multimedia maven Mike Phelan O’Toole, cable access legend and WBCN radio personality Quincy Brisco, and uber-producer and editor extraordinaire Lawrence Hollie host an eclectic, artistic, entertaining, and flat-out hilarious filmic tapestry!

If funky animation, quirky cult flicks, comedy and non-pretentious art movies sound cool to you, sit back and relax in the Coolidge’s incredible Video Screening Room from 7-9PM on Thursday, July 10th, 2008! This new venue houses our biggest live event, featuring visually stunning, odd and entertaining underground films, video shorts, and live action tomfoolery with a crew of unique personalites like no other.

Peep out moving images never before screened at the Coolidge! Marvel as special guest speakers provide A’s for your Q’s after the screenings!

And what flicks and which guests are in store for you? Read on:

*Collaborations from Mike Phelan O’Toole and Lawrence Hollie’s “Random Acts” community television show

*Lawrence Hollie’s epic “Captain Zap in The Lost Dimension of Kerr”

*Quincy Brisco’s film noir piece “Watching The Detective”

*D.L. Polonsky’s film “A Day And A Half”

And more to be announced! If you would like to submit something, or have an act, e-mail mikeovideo@gmail.com

Visit MikePhelanOToole.com , YouTube.com/Captureman, MySpace.com/MikeOToole, and MikeOCast.blogspot.com for news as it breaks! Visit http://coolidge.org for more info and directions.

Until later,
your friend Mike-O
Mike Phelan O’Toole