Hey all,
I am still getting over what myself and crew now simply refer to as “The tenth” in our personal history books, but I wanted to at least touch base on here.
Our inaugural Coolidge Corner Theatre show under the “Experimentally Ill” banner that went down on 7/10/08 was, in brief, an astounding blast and a resounding knockout in our attempt to contend with the giants! Look for the Metro Boston press clippings here soon. If you can’t wait for those, visit http://www.myspace.com/mikeotoole

I will be composing a detailed recap of the before, during, and after of the gig very soon. A few photos were taken as well that should turn up in the coming weeks. Thank you to the awesome audience! With this screening such a big success for us, it’s my pleasure to share this with you…

The NEXT Experimentally Ill: An Indie Showcase of Alternative Film.
takes place the eleventh of September,
7:00PM at The Coolidge Corner Theatre,
290 Harvard St, Brookline, MA
Support future shows with $2.00 for two solid hours of awesome!

I will check in online again soon with more info!

Mike Phelan O’Toole.