Watch myself, Lawrence, and the one and only Quincy Brisco on Random Acts: A Needham Reunion debut @ 10:30PM on Needham Channel’s Comm Channel – (replay Mon @ 12:00AM/ Fri 3PM). I have been hosting solo with “Not The End of The World” for a little over a month, but this episode is our official Needham Channel re-debut.

Check out our “New Views” blurb on the Needham Channel site:!OpenPage&TableRow=

“Random Acts –
You may recall an article which ran in the Needham Times last month about this program. This episode was shot as that article was written, and it has a pretty meta-take on publicity. It is definitely an episode to watch if you are willing to scratch your head a little!”

And here is a link to the article in question :

Stay tuned to for audio commentary from me!

OTHER TOWNS / TIMES to watch Random Acts on TV :

Random Acts is now on
Newton’s NewTV Blue Channel
(Channel 10 on Comcast; Channel 15 on RCN;
Channel 34 on Verizon)
Saturday 10:30pm

Random Acts is now on CCTV Cambridge
Public Access Television. (Channel 10).

(Schedules subject to change without notice.
Monday 11:30pm
Wednesday 11:00pm

Random Acts is now on The Needham Community
Channel (Comcast Ch. 9; RCN Ch. 15; Verizon Ch. 29).

Monday 12:00am
Friday 3:00PM
Saturday 10:30pm

Random Acts is now on The Waltham Channel
(Channel 8 on Comcast; Channel 3 on RCN)
Thursday 11:00pm
and various times over the weekend.