Since it has been a bit since the last update, and I am short on time, I offer up a few treats.
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I’ve been dropping quick updates there for a beat. By the new year, I’ll clean this place up and have a new site for you.

Here’s some stuff for you to check out.

I asked my buddy Perfect Jimmy of Uncle Monsterface to help me create an image to represent our alternative film showcase. Here is early "Experimentally Ill 3" promo art. The "glaring punk guy" is from "The Misfit Room," hand drawn by D.L. Polonsky. All other work is by James Bernardinelli.

Early "Experimentally Ill 3" Promo Art

The band I’ve been doing video work for with my pal Lawrence is called Midatlantic. They open for Letters to Cleo tonight at The Paradise (12/8/08). We may be hitting the place to tape them. Either way, check out the batch of video we’ve created for them :

Stay tuned to for chatter from me soon.
I have been really busy as of late, but I will try to get on there and talk to the phone before the year is out.