What’s up?! I have been seriously lacks in popping on to really blog-it-out lately. With that, I am checking in on here. How are you Myspace pals? This is really me – not some promo campaign. This reps me the most, so peep out all the links and stuff. I do need to update a lot of information though. This is still my main page, though I’ve setup another… I am bummed that the “film” profile does not let me do the same things a regular profile does, like mess with the new myspace features such as playlists and easier profile customization, as well as generally blocking me from adding folks I’m into, or maybe keeping me out of searches. Anyway this internet stuff is great when stripped down – I see it as a way for you and I to stay in touch and chat back and forth, sharing stories and cool creations. We’re reaching out and sitting down to a nice slice of life,with whatever tech toy as the medium. Let’s get a dialouge started here and on and oh so many other spots. I will be trying my best to keep updating and populating a lot more. I am going to strive for honesty, in addition to having a blast creating new things for you and I, like my new access show I’m calling “Solipsist’s Dispatch,” which has debuted on BATV – Brookline Access Television. In addition to playing on the cable airwaves, it’s available online. We said screw it, let’s create and document some stream of conciousness nonsense, and slab some artistic flair on it. View it at

I’ve also put up a new video of our boys in the band Midatlantic, whom myself and videography pal Lawrence do video for. Words can’t capture the rush I get from shooting and editing something with energy. Peep the vids at
This desire to contribute more may come from the us all feeling a part of something greater in putting on the “Experimentally ILL” alternative film showcase at the mighty Coolidge Corner Theatre. We are a couple weeks removed from the third show, and again were just shy of sold out. Also, at the eleventh hour I struck success in the PR department once again, as Boston’s Weekly Dig got in touch, and did a really nice piece on us and the philosophy behind the show. (A screen cap is available in my PRESS photo album on myspace and facebook, as well as ) A tease for our article was on the cover, right next to a tease about Dan akroyd. On the website, there was my face as part of the tease in the arts and entertainment section, right above a review of Time and Eric of Adult Swim’s show. Thanks to Harry Vaughn at the Dig. Regarding the audience, It means so much to me that folks would be so cool and stay to peep out different stuff from so many wacky artists, and then come up to me after, as emcee, and shake hands. I feel like it is a waste of a grand privilage, to not lay myself bare a bit and spill my guts in the way of sharing artistry or just personal thoughts and thank yous with you in the e-world on something of a regular basis. I am proud and awestruck.

Many of my friends whom I care deeply for, I would love to get in their head a bit, as far as what they’re into and feeling via e- contribute in the way of video, audio, expressive writing and other works. Nothing against those who keep it simple, but I wanna snap up all this social-networking stuff to make myself more available if I can – I mean if we’re gonna spend time on Myspace, Facebook, etc, we might as well open up the floodgates and have more of a virtual representation of who we are and what we do and feel than simply a couple words and a photo. Anyway, I’ll be playing with toys to share, and more importantly, get creative conversations going between us, for those who’re into that sort of thing.
For now (getting a makeover soon), , , and Youtube (more vids soon) at either mikeotoole or midatlantictheband to see my behind the scenes work. Also keep tuned to BATV.ORG for more episodes of the show. More cell-splitting prose and poetry on the way as well ( You can also give a go at adding me on Facebook as well, for a whole heaping helping of internet interaction in one place. I have been at the tv station a lot, so I will be churning out more stuff. Possibilities are endless.
Love til later (soon, as I wanted to include more in this update.)

P.S. I just watched myself walk by in My Best Friend’s Girl – accross after Dane Cook and Kate Hudson run by in the Running A Marathon chapter on the DVD (in the Boston public gardens area). I am wearing a sweatshirt and backpack. I wrestled with the concept that I put the movie, after I rented it, in the same bag I wear in the flick. That was really nice day. Good times. I’ve gotta write about that soon. The journal is your friend.