I’m currently acting in a new film by my director-turned-friend D.L., so I’d thought I’d share this would-be press release I’ve sent around…
I’ll be co-hosting at the gig and am working on promo stuff. My video-making pal Lawrence is helping D.L. get this show on the road, and D.L. is doing his thing to put together a sick lineup. I’m sure he’ll be doing his share of guerilla street promotion for it as well. The man is the unsung “Better-than-Shepard-Fairey” multimedia hero of Allston, MA. His story deserves to be told. Come meet, greet, and peep out this great stuff on the big screen in June!

Local filmmaker and artist D.L. Polonsky announces the preliminary
lineup for a showcase of his work taking place at The Coolidge Corner
Theatre June 25th, 2009. Now living in the Brookline/Allston area,
D.L.’s innovative work dates back to when he was a young boy, crafting
strange and provacative films with his brother. The event will exhibit
a selection of modern work, as well as older, rare gems. The show will
be hosted by Polonsky and Mike Phelan O’Toole, a friend and actor of
Polonsky’s, noted for his previous involvement in the Coolidge’s
“Experimentally ILL” showcase. Press coverage, including interviews is
being sought. Films are available for review upon request,

Email D.L. at d.l.polonsky@hotmail.com
Email Mike with media questions at mikeovideo@gmail.com


An Evening of the Films of Boston-based Indie Filmmaker D.L. Polonsky

WHEN: Thursday, June 25th, 2009, 7 P.M. – 9 P.M.

WHERE: At The Coolidge Corner Theatre,

290 Harvard St., Brookline, Mass., 02446

$5 admission


Urban Fairy, (2005). An extraterrestrial finds severed body parts in
this surreal comedy short.

To Mock a Killing Bird, (2006). Slapstick anti-war comedy about a
draft-dodger, set from 1972-74.

Midlife Cowboy, (2007). A cowboy, fed up with our ubiquitous computer
culture, indulges in a little of his own “computer hacking” by
smashing a computer with an axe.

Dream Sequence for A Tree Grows in Brookline, (2008). Surreal montage
of images set to music.

Changing Face from The Human Race, (1983). A poster for a bar comes
alive. Paper cell animation.

Ersatz, (1974). Made when D.L. was 13, this is a short film about a
pulp novel writer who carries around her dead father’s head.

Beyond the Phosphenes, (1982). Paper cell animation of fantasy images.

A Disease Called Man: The Director’s Cut, (2008). While there’s a
killer loose in the neighborhood, potential victims have to deal with
corrupt cops and unethical doctors.

Promo for upcoming 12:54, Half a Dozen of the Other. This
work-in-progress will be a character study at least in part about a
group of people’s delusional reactions to the current recession. Due
out in the Fall of 2009.

Fore more info/media contact :

Email D.L. at d.l.polonsky@hotmail.com
Email Mike at mikeovideo@gmail.com