Hi kids! Come join us for a second go ’round of Nonviolent Anarchy! I’m emceeing again since you all were so great last time, and as for PR, let’s see if I can’t wrestle up some fresh press for Mr. Polonsky. I’ll share more info and stories soon. For now, I wanted to make sure the word was out on this blog. I know this place (http://www.MikeOToole.NET / MikePhelanOToole.com) is a bit of a mess… I’ll be cleaning things up at some point soon. For now, just read on and share (I wrote the top half, while D.L. wrote the bottom) :

“Local filmmaker and artist D.L. Polonsky announces the lineup for a SECOND, NEW showcase of his work taking place at The Coolidge Corner Theatre July 23rd, 2009. Now living in the Brookline/Allston area, D.L.’s innovative work dates back to when he was a young boy, crafting strange and provacative films with his brother. The event will exhibit a selection of modern work, as well as older, rare gems.
The show will
be hosted by Polonsky and Mike Phelan O’Toole, a friend and actor of
Polonsky’s, noted for his previous involvement in the Coolidge’s
“Experimentally ILL” showcase. Press coverage, including interviews is
being sought. Films are available for review upon request,

Email Mike with media questions at mikeovideo@gmail.com


Thurs., July 23rd, 2009 @7 P.M.

Local filmmaker and artist D.L. Polonsky presents a second installment of independent films. Features new work and an encore showing of the animated short “The Flyer”. Includes “To Mock a Killing Bird”, a surreal comedy about a mailman who escapes to Canada to avoid the draft in 1972. $5 admission. 2 hours. Hosted by Polonsky and Mike Phelan O’Toole.

Praise for Non-violent Anarchy 1:

“Think David Lynch without all the mainstream storytelling.”
– Alex Stevens, The Brookline Tab

– Daily Calendar, The Weekly Dig

“The kind of films that could revolutionize cinema, nonviolently or otherwise.”
– Shaula Clark, Editor’s Picks, The Boston Phoenix

In addition to his video work, Polonsky has had a children’s book published that he wrote/illustrated titled “The Letter Bandits” and has had his political portraits published in several major newspapers and magazines.”

Thanks for reading this, and, again, I’ll be sharing more new, cool shit in a little while, and trying to do some regular wordsmithed documenting of our comings and goings, as well as cracking into the matrix that is my mind.