Sunday, June 6th, 2010.
From the mind of Mike Phelan O’Toole:

Checking in from the hot box once again. It has been a bit since I wrote one of these updates, and I wanted to make sure I blasted one out before I pass out and neglect it again. I have been up writing various things. The sun is up, so I better get down soon. I want to get out to ImprovBoston and flex some muscle this afternoon – hopefully the open “Yes and Practice” session will happen as scheduled. I have been hanging with my buddy Richard, of Kosuke Haga’s “Arigato” film fame, at the theatre. Richard was in my earlier improv classes, and I was an associate producer on the film project, and knew Richard would be perfect for the lead role in Kosuke’s film, whom I had been introduced to by my pal Kelsey, who knew me from doing video shows at an art gallery she helped out at; it’s all about connecting with folks, right Kosuke? To cut things short. Kosuke is off to L.A., after an interneship with the one and only Roger Corman. A couple of days before Kosuke set off to return, Lawrence and I invited him to the BATV studio (our haunt), where I interviewed him, for what will hopefully be cut into an EPK/bio piece that he can attach to the final film DVD and give to folks, in peddling his wares. It was a great interview, and a blast getting to hear his story, and get it captured. We have to cannonize ourselves, before we get shot out of a cannon by someone else.

Friday night, I put an appearance at The Somerville Theatre in support of my pal Dom Portalla’s second feature “The Darkness Within.” This was the third time I got to check it out. The folks involved are good people, and the movie is inspiring. A few days earlier, I ran into a girl in my hometown, who I have been running into so often, one has to wonder if I am being stalked. I kid. Pretty grl notwithstanding, It is a blast getting to catch up and reconnect with people ingeneral. It reminds me that this timeline is still going. A kid approached me while catching a ride to thr subway via bus, who revealed that he knew folks from my Wellesley Channel days, and had a buddy working as a freelance editor in LA. He mentioned something about Jonathan Katz and Snyder Productions, and I told him the story about my auditioning for their pilot a couple months back.
We tend to cut out the bad parts of our lives in looking back. With my art I am constantly feeling like I must prove myself, which I supposed is a good thing. You have to keep pushing. There is more I want to write about, but I am trailing off. I will post more here later on.

I am crewing on another awesome rock/variety show on June 11th, that will feature my buddy artist/writer/filmmaker D.L. Polonsky, happening at BATV – 46 Tappan Street, Brookline, MA 7PM doors. Following that, catch myself and D.L. at Somerville Theatre on June 19th, starting showtime after 4PM – showing his “Top 5 films” including his latest quirky adventure, “Murder, Money, and a Dog.” Further info, including a press release, coming soon.

Thanks for reading thus far,

-Mike Phelan O’Toole