From the mind of Mike Phelan O’Toole…

Hey now. It’s been a bit since I last typed up an internet update, proper. I am going to try and spit some stuff out regarding what’s been up with me; most of the summer of 2010 was comprised of myself and others on-camera, as part of weekly shoots with filmmaker/animator & poet Mick Cusimano. Most of this work involved spitting back the man’s poetry verse, and acting out broad and ridicioulous antics in front of his lense. These pieces are trickling out…
Let’s jump ahead some:
Sunday, October 24th was my 24th birthday. I continued my free DVD binge via the public library, my aunt gave me an external hard drive as a gift, which shall come in quite handy in future editing projects, of which there should be many if I don’t “cheese out.” Peeped out the Luke Wilson movie “Henry Poole Is Here,” before meeting up with my 8+ year pal, co-producer and now co-award winner (on to that later) for a hearty dinner out, wherein we toasted our friendship, projects, and I recount the previous days events, Saturday, wherein I sneaked into BATV to assist a crew of pals via rocking my magic on the control room audio board. I was a bit burnt out, as Friday night comprised my being invited out by a young lady to attend my first official college par-tay. Drinking isn’t my thing, but it t’was fun nonetheless. I realize, to find that balance of good work, social activity and down time is key. This, with some nice workouts coming back into the fold, lets me know that I am feelin’ healthy again. My wants and needs are not as much on hold. There is surely still work to be done, though – I don’t kid myself. Anxiety is there, but instead of freaking myself out by thinking of the bad things that could happen, I amped myself up by getting off on the thrill of overcoming such obstacles.
My time last year at ImprovBoston has served me well, as since then, I have had several lunchs with old friends, and hit several art parties in Boston at night.

This Saturday is the first day of shooting on the latest D.L. Polonsky production. This time, I’ll be mostly behind the scenes, but will have a small part to rock your faaace.

My best, until later.