I came out of ovaries and since had a hard life
Like my eggs over easy.
Have it go on long if you like
You don’t need to please me.

Became an icon of a creative need to bleed –
decided to put a stop to it before I passed out.
Had to concede
to the ink in my veins.
A primal fear-instinct seeped into my brains.

The missing link was never clicked.
If I’m gonna trip, it may as well be on your lips.
If I’m gonna frequently fall, it may as well be in love.

Punk rock has been speaking to me –
the lonely, laughing boy –
but I hope it can manifest itself
into a woman.
Maybe she’ll have to be from the bars –
I don’t care,
as long as she can smear her genetic makeup into my scars.

Without internal drive, does it matter if we have ambition to drive cars?
Does it matter how we outside dress,
if inside we’re so depressed?
I confess – I feel fine.
Came here to have my eyes open, not keep blind
(To) have someone tie me up, so I can struggle, and unwind.