Dear reader,

have you joined the ranks of the Procrastination Nation? Become a mute in your quest to be voice of a generation? In the search for authenticity in the arts VS commerce game, you must rewrite how you play by your own rules. Thinking outside the box is important, so long as you don’t end up living in one. The power of the word became a Tweet: Shakspeare wrote a sonnet, now you tell us what you eat. Ansel Adams shot unique, while you take pictures of your feet.

I’ll be back here to share stories of tragedy and triumph, inspire where required and reboot and rewire my own solo stab in the dark at the artist’s journey – the Word is all I’ve got. It’s not too absurd that an isolated patient has a need to be heard. Patience is required when I’m trying to crack the code of technology – since age ten, the first was the word. I gotta transmit. Wether it is received, my hands are out of it, like my head. I’ll leave my blood in a book; read/red.

-Michael Phelan.