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– Mike performed Harold improv onstage at IMPROVBOSTON (40 Prospect St, Cambridge, MA) for the first time on TUESDAY (10/4/11) at 7PM with Will Luera’s Improv 301! http://www.tinyurl.com/ImNotPatrice

– Mike has been seen live, acting as the emcee, with radio personality Quincy Brisco, for the alternative film showcase “Experimentally ILL,” which he co-founded with video artist Lawrence Hollie at the famous Coolidge Corner Theatre in Brookline, MA, along with supporting filmmaker D.L. Polonsky in presenting his “Nonviolent Anarchy Film Fest” on tour. Additionally, he has been seen performing solo, as a spoken word artist. He also occasionally performs in ImprovBoston’s Improv Jam in Central Sq, Cambridge, MA.
Booking requests for any event, in any location, are always welcome. E-mail to Mikeovideo@gmail.com with details.