Here you’ll find a selection of videos exhibiting Mike O’Toole’s videography/editing work, as well as on-camera appearances that have made their way to the web. Official video reel and/or resume available upon request. Freelance proposals are always welcome. Email: MikeOVideo@gmail.com

Here’s our latest video for ALL ECHOES RETURN (ex-Midatlantic).
View it here, at http://youtube.com/ALLECHOESRETURN and http://youtube.com/experimentallyill
-Mike O’Toole.

C.A.P.O. by All Echoes Return.
The 1867 Studio Sessions.
Video Produced & Directed by
Mike Phelan O’Toole & Lawrence Hollie
Video Editor:
Mike Phelan O’Toole
“A” Camera (B&W): Lawrence Hollie
“B” Camera (Colors): Mike Phelan O’Toole

An Experimentally ILL Video Production

Thanks to engineer Chris McLaughlin of 1867 Recording Studio
Video Content © 2012, Michael Phelan O’Toole
& Lawrence Hollie.
All rights reserved.
Video for use in “All Echoes Return” free web-based exhibition and in promotion of live band performance booking.
Not for public commercial exhibition or sale without prior written consent.

Audio recording & song composition (“C.A.P.O.”)
© 2012, All Echoes Return.
All rights reserved.

Music used with permission.

More Videos:

Here is a sweet video of Boston noise-rock legends NEPTUNE, performing on BATV’s GOLDEN SOUNDS SERIES. The close-up/dutch angle stuff was shot by Mike Phelan O’Toole, with additional videography by the great Jess Schumann. It was edited by the mighty Andy Macbain!


In 2008, we made a ton of different videos for our pals in the Boston band Midatlantic.
Here are just a few I had to do with. Have a band? Want a vid? Get in touch!

Some ON-CAMERA spoken word/Cable Access TV hosting videos:

A catalog of selected Mike O’Toole video is online on

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